Crybaby Lee

An ongoing webcomic about a Chinese American in the Wild West, shortly after the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed, looking for revenge against the man who murdered his family when he was a young child. Isolated from society, armed with a horrible temper and quick with a gun, Crybaby Lee is sure to entertain.   […]

Who’s Sorry Now?

Who’s Sorry Now? The men who murdered Ana Fuentes are about to find out as Antonio Fuentes, her father, hunts them down. This little comic is inspired by the Connie Francis song “Who’s Sorry Now?”. I was listening to that song driving down the highway and was thinking it would make a great song to […]

Deer In the Headlights

Tim, a young man on his way home for work, finds himself in a bad situation. Forced to make some moralistic choices that will affect his future, we follow along Tim’s thoughts, actions and the karma that results from those choices. 80 pages with a glossy cover, it will excite, confuse and cause a few […]